Friday-Sunday, September 6-8 | Romantika 40H, Riga




Fredag den 15:e mars | Monday Bars världsberömda klubbmusikkryssning. 1800 gäster och 20 internationella djs.

This will be our 53rd club music cruise since 2002 and the lineup is truly impressive, with some of the world’s biggest names in trance, psy trance and hardstyle. We have now for a week made presentations of almost all of them. On these shorter, 23h cruises the idea is to book some really big headliners for the majestic main floor, ”Starlight Palace”, and some of our favorite djs and up'n'coming talent on our second floor ”Disco Zenith”. If the cruise sell out we will also add third floor so that there will be room for everyone.

Ever since the cruises started 16 years ago, in 2002, one of our dreams have been to book the biggest name in the world of psy-trance, Israeli INFECTED MUSHROOM, and that dream has finally come through. The ledgendary duo will perform a 2 hour djs set primetime on our main floor.

Our second headliner BRENNAN HEART(nl) has now become the biggest name in hardstyle, and this might be the last time you will be able to see him in a club environment as he almost only plays at huge festivals these days.

For the trance main floor segment we’ve covered all aspects: classics, uplifting and forceful, driving tech with Irish JOHN O’CALLGHAN, UK legend SOLARSTONE and up’n’coming FACTOR B from Melbourne, Australia.

Already at departure, 19:30 the pre-party hosted by REJV-NYTT begins at the ship’s Pub and goes on until the main floors open.

This is what it's all about..
Official after movies from our last two cruises:

Monday Bar Summer Cruise 2018

Monday Bar 25th Anniversary Cruise 2018



Lineup (so far...)

  • Below we present 33 international and local artist bookings, but more will follow!

    In alphabetical order:

    AVALON [uk] - psy trance
    CRAIG CONNELLY [uk] - trance
    CRYPTON [nl] - frenchcore
    MC DA SYNDROME [nl] - mc
    D-BLOCK & S-TE-FAN [nl] - hardstyle
    D-STURB [nl] - raw style
    DEGOS & RE-DONE [nl] - raw style
    DENISE CAVALLI [se] - hard dance mm
    EICH [no] - trance
    EVIL ACTIVITIES [nl] - hardcore
    FREDDZ [se] - hardstyle
    FREDRIK GRASS [se] - techno
    GARETH EMERY [uk] - trance
    GESTALT [se] - techno
    GHOST RIDER [il] - psy trance
    GLOJIN [us/no] - hardtrance
    JACE HEADLAND [fi] - trance
    JOHNNY BOY [se] - psy trance
    KIRAZ [se] - psy trance
    KOLLEKTIVET [se] - house/progressive trance
    MARK SHERRY [uk] - tech trance
    MENNO DE JONG [nl] - trance
    MVTATE [se] - hardstyle
    N3RON [se] - tech trance mm
    ROKKAZ [se] - psy trance
    PSYFIGHTER [se] - psy trance
    SIMON PATTERSON [uk/us] -trance/psy
    SKAZI [il] - psy trance
    STEPHANIE [it] - hardstyle
    SUB ZERO PROJECT [nl] - hardstyle
    TEMPO GIUSTO [fi] - tech trance
    WALD / iPSY [se] - trance / psy
    WOODY VAN EYDEN [de] - classic trance


    More DJ's will be added...


To join this cruise you need to book a cabin. There are cabins for 2-4 people that you can share with your friends. You only pay for your cabin, no other cost will be added apart from the drinks and food that you consume on board and the money spent on duty free goods. All entertainment on board is included in the cabin price. NB! No special breakfast is included in any of the cabins on this cruise.


Tallink & Silja Line booking office: +46 (0)8-666 33 33 (open daily 08.00-20.00)
Booking reference: MBAR


>> Please note that the online booking might not always function properly (error message/timeout), so please try again or call the phone booking instead. You can also try another browser.


Prices (SEK) are per person. Approximate prices in euro (EUR) within brackets. For UK pounds (GBP), divide SEK by 11.5.

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Friday-Saturday, March 15-16 (23 hrs)
Silja Galaxy
Stockholm (Sweden)-Turku (Finland)-Stockholm

Friday, March 15, 19.30 (7.30 PM)
Tallink-Silja terminal, Värtahamnen, Stockholm

Saturday, March 16, 18.15 (6.15 PM)
Tallink-Silja terminal, Värtahamnen, Stockholm

Prices starting at SEK 1120 /person (shared E-class 4-bed cabin)

Age limit: 18 years when boarding.

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